December 4, 2021 

  Modular Buildings For Sale
   12x28 Restroom, AVAILABLE, $29,500 ready to ship SOLD
   42'x66' Portable, Daycare, Preschool, Classroom $SOLD, ready to ship
   24'x60' Modular Office Building, $21,500 AVAILABLE, ready to ship
   24'x60' Evergreen Office, $26,000 AVAILABLE, ready to ship
   42'x60' Modular office building, 2500 sq. ft., SOLD
   48'x60' Modular Office Building with Restroooms, Coffee Bar, $82,000, Sold
   12'x30' Blazer office building, steel doors, heat, air, $SOLD read to ship
   12x28 Restroom, Mens, Womens, Blazer, AVAILABLE, ready to ship
Inventory changes often - Inquire with your needs.
All buildings located in the Pacific Northwest - Ready to transport.

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